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Lutz FL Homeowners Need Professional Pool Cleaners for Regular Filter Cleaning


One of the most essential pieces of equipment in a pool is the filter. It is designed to capture dirt and other debris to prevent the formation of bacteria and algae that can render a pool unsafe for swimming. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to clean it properly. As a result, many Lutz FL homeowners need professional pool cleaners for regular filter cleaning.

There are various types of filters including DE, sand, and cartridge filtration systems. Because the filter system is such an integral component of a healthy pool, our professional pool cleaners perform regular filter checkups as part of their routine cleaning for their clients in Lutz FL and the Tampa Bay Area.

Our professional pool cleaners are keeping Lutz FL pools clean and safe. The filter is disassembled to visually inspect and thoroughly clean the manifolds, cartridges, and grids in the filtration system. A clean filter can extend the life of the filtration system helping to prevent premature replacement.  To start service, contact us at (813) 476-2620 today!


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